Logiciel FIDESC4 – résistance au feu de barres en acier


FIDESC4 is a user-friendly software capable of calculating the fire resistance of single steel members with class 4 cross-sections according to current fire part of Eurocode 3 and according to the new simple design rules proposed in the scope of the RFCS research project “FIDESC4: Fire Design of Steel Members with Welded or Hot-rolled Class 4 Cross-sections” ended in June 2014.


FIDESC4 software evaluates the critical temperature and checks the fire resistance of steel cross-sections or steel structural members, according to the simple calculations methods of EN 1993-1-2. For the case of steel members with class 4 cross-sections, the software was developed in accordance with Annex E of EN 1993-1-2. In addition to that, simple design rules relative to class 4 effective cross-sections, lateral torsional buckling, axial compression and combined compression and bending calculations based on the new design rules and approaches developed in the framework of FIDESC4 project was implemented. The cases which are not covered by EN 1993-1-2 are calculated using EN 1993-1-1 and EN 1993-1-5.


FIDESC4 determines the fire resistance of class 4 cross-sections, beams, columns and beam-columns with class 4 cross-sections at a chosen temperature value or can evaluate the critical temperatures of such type of steel members with a chosen load value. As far as the cross-section is concerned, the software calculates the resistance in tension, compression, shear, bending or bending and axial force. When a full member is concerned, the software can evaluated the resistance of this member in compression, bending or combined bending and compression.

The software allows to create user-defined cross-sections and to save them. Both hot-rolled and welded profiles are taken into account in the software. In the case of steel members with class 4 cross-sections, the software calculates the effective properties (wall and cross-section) according to the new design equations proposed in the project.

Logiciel FIDESC4 version 1.0.0


Version : 1.0.0

Langues : anglais


Microsoft Windows 10 25 Mb of free disk space. Installation : download the zip file, run the .msi package and follow the instructions to proceed with the software installation.


All questions and malfunctions concerning FIDESC4 software can be sent to CTICM at the email address support.logiciels@cticm.com indicating “FIDESC4 support” in the subject of the e-mail.
Tous les signalements de dysfonctionnements et questions peuvent être transmis au CTICM à l’adresse support.logiciels@cticm.com, en indiquant « Support FIDESC4 » dans l’objet du courriel.